Know Your Options

Local Choice: Why your town leadership chose to participate

Being a part of Finger Lakes Community Power means taking control over your energy choices by using the collective energy demand of residents and small businesses to:

  1. Negotiate cheaper and fixed electricity rates

  2. Choose renewable generation sources.

Personal Choice: What participation means for you

All eligible residential and small business NYSEG customers are automatically enrolled in Finger Lakes Community Choice, receiving 100% renewable energy at a price that is lower than the average historical price for standard (non-renewable or “dirty'“) energy. NYSEG still:

  1. Delivers your electricity supply (sourced from Direct Energy)

  2. Provides repair service

  3. Manages billing—you’ll continue to receive your monthly electricity bill from—and remit payment to—NYSEG

Your Options

  1. 100% renewable energy at a fixed price that is lower than what you’ve historically paid (no action required)

  2. Participate in the program, choosing the standard supply for an even lower fixed rate (change your supply option)

  3. Choose not to participate and receive standard supply from NYSEG, paying a variable, market rate (opt-out)

Participants may withdraw from the program at any time without incurring fees or penalties.

Who is not automatically enrolled in the program?

Some NYSEG customers in the participating communities must take action in order to take advantage of the program’s negotiated terms. In order to participate, enroll here.

Not automatically enrolled in Finger Lakes Community Choice:

  • Time of Use Customers

  • Those who have selected an alternate supplier/ESCO

  • Some commercial and industrial customers

Local Solar: Amplify your savings!

Regardless of whether you participate in the Finger Lakes Community Choice aggregation program, you can sign up for local solar to save about 10% annually on your electric bill and reduce your community’s carbon footprint.

Take advantage of cheaper electricity by participating in Finger Lakes Community Choice!

Receive guaranteed savings derived from solar bill credits by signing up for community solar!